All available via In-room or virtual delivery

Bulmer Group people are not simply trainers. We truly consult and advise.

The services below are extremely high value add, particularly for presenters for whom the stakes are high, and truly honest feedback is hard to find internally. Our combined commercial experience and our coaching experience will offer you results you won’t easily find elsewhere.

Our varying range of price-points give large organisations the ability to create a single presentation mindset for their people.

All the following coaching programs, both one-on-one and group offerings include individual participants receiving our powerful and engaging Presenting To Win™ video program. This is proven to fast track people’s learning so that when they then attend for coaching and feedback, they are well on their way to greater impact.

This video also serves as a permanent and effective reinforcement tool in the future.


Can we support your remote workforce? Definitely

Can you afford to develop most if not all of your people? Definitely

In addition to having coaches in numerous countries, every one of our solutions can be implemented virtually and/or in-room. We coach executives and their teams throughout India, all of Asia-pacific, Europe, Australia and now we are receiving interest in the US.


Presenting To Win™ Online Introduction Module

The introduction module for the Presenting to Win™ video program below provides a sense of content and production quality.

Presenting to Win™ Online

Online Experience

This course can be utilised by any level of presenter as a stand alone tool to learn core techniques at their own pace and time.

It is utilised as a powerful pre-work before participating in one of our workshops or receiving one-on-one coaching.

Once purchased, it is a tremendous reference and reinforcement tool and given its simple 7 module format, it’s easy to reference back to specific areas a person wants to further finesse going forward. Mandarin subtitle available.



Presenting To Win™

Small group workshop

This is our signature program for over 30 years. It can be implemented for any level of skill and confidence. It is always tailored to address the presentation situations encountered by participants. It’s highly practical and delivers an immediate uplift in skill and confidence.

It directly addresses the environments of presenting in-room as well as virtually. This is the perfect program for most people to more deeply understand their strengths and opportunities to enhance their presentation impact. Maximum 5 participants.

Presenting As Leaders


Your expectations will be high as a leader to impact with your communication. Expectations of others may be even higher!

This workshop assumes experience, and also assumes some level of skill and confidence. However it is an opportunity for clients to refresh and reassess their impact in light of more senior roles and/or increasingly complex environments effecting engagement with their audiences.

The workshop is usually for only 5 people, and is highly tailored to their particular circumstances.

Presenting To Win™ - Large Group

Larger group workshop

This program takes the same content from the smaller group version, but allows for it being offered even more affordably to groups of up to 20 people. This allows an organisation to potentially broaden its target audience for our training, thus building even greater strength of presenters for the future.

One-on-one Presentation coaching


This allows for extremely honest and direct discussion between coach and client in regard to their current presentation impact, and their required and desired success going forward.

Our coaching response is highly tailored and will focus on real and pending presentation opportunities for our client.

Being Heard in a Second Language


English can be a difficult language to learn for a non-native English speaker. With the advent of global remote workers and multicutural societies, our ability to convey our messages with impact and understanding is more critical today than it has ever been. We are proud to introduce a program that aims at addressing this communication challenge.


Being Heard in a Second Language

We have taken our extensive experience and built a clarity program that complements your accent and personality but ensures you're always understood. Our BEING HEARD IN A SECOND LANGUAGE program addresses intonation, rhythm, word stress, and challenging sounds in English, which are issues that either people usually don't realise they have or might be aware of but don't know how to tackle. Throughout the program, participants will explore various English sounds, helping them understand some of the differences between their pronunciation and that of others.

One-Language Mindset

We have a range of offerings at different price points, all of which can be delivered successfully, in-room or virtually.

This means an organisation can create a ‘One Language Mindset’ for its entire workforce, which creates a massively greater uplift in communication impact, as it ensures successful presentation behaviours are known by all, albeit implemented individually, and assists to deeply entrench these behaviours in the organisation’s DNA.

Given our approach is to ensure people are themselves, we do not encounter cultural barriers or impediments to achieving tangible results. We are culturally agnostic, and our experience demonstrates this.

Additional Services

Content Strategy Advice & Delivery Rehearsal

A Wealth of Experience

This allows you to receive independent and deeply insightful feedback both in regard to content messaging and delivery from highly experienced coaches, when preparing for any specific presentation. It might be an external pitch, a product launch, a board presentation, a market update, even a job interview. When the stakes are high, our input can change the game for you.

Impact Audits

For Senior Executives

Know how your audiences truly feel about your communication impact.

This allows us to gain confidential and ‘depersonalised’ feedback from your true audiences that ensures you know exactly how they are responding to you and your messages. For a senior leader this is a rare but crucial opportunity to potentially finesse future presentation strategy. These can be conducted very quickly, and are then supported by specific coaching recommendation that addresses any uncovered needs.

Other Bespoke Programs


If the above suite of products does not meet your needs, Bulmer Group can review your requirements and create a bespoke program that is specifically customised to meet your organisation’s objectives and budget.