Presenting To Win™ Online

Invest in your future success today with the Internationally recognised PRESENTING TO WIN™ Online Program


Investing time, money and effort in your technical expertise is ONLY of value, if your skills of COMMUNICATION and INFLUENCE are at the same high standard

We are all competing in a global market today.

This proven program WILL give you a demonstrable COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE and increase your worth.

You will receive UNLIMITED access to all 7 video modules, with Hindi, Mandarin and English subtitles and a workbook in all three languages. The video modules contain multiple exercises, that can be immediately applied to your own personal presentation topic that you will build throughout, hence creating immediate impact to your presentation skills.


Based in Australia, the Bulmer Group has specialised in Presentation Skills Impact for over 30 years, successfully coaching people at all levels of executive, across Australia, all of the Asia-Pacific, The United States of America, Europe and India.

Having the CONFIDENCE and the SKILLS to engage, inspire and ultimately influence has never been more needed.

Presenting To Win™ Online

The Bulmer Group’s signature program Presenting to Win™ can be utilised by anyone, at any level of skill and confidence and consumed at their own pace and time.
This outstanding program is now your chance to access the same advice and insights that senior executives across the world are currently receiving from the Bulmer Group.
The 7 module, 2.5 hour Presenting to Win™ video program is supplied to you via our course provider Thinkific. Once you select Buy Now you will be asked to create a new account (unless you already have one), from there you will be prompted for payment and once your payment has finalised you will have access to all 7 modules and the workbook while you learn and can revisit as many times as you like. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more.


Watch the Introduction here

The Presenting To Win™ Online video training program is relevant to any meeting, presentation, conversation type situation whether it be a one-on-one meeting over a tea or coffee through to the boardroom or standing up in front of masses at a conference.

Presenting to Win™  Online Video Module Covers:

  • Planning an Argument
  • Delivering with Clarity, Emphasis and Naturalness
  • Ensuring you Engage
  • Having Presence
  • Successfully dealing with Questions
  • Why you can’t Succeed without Rehearsing
  • Presenting Virtually
This 7 module, 2.5 hour Presenting to Win™ video program will give you immediate skills and confidence to engage successfully in today’s busy and challenging business environment.

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Frequently asked Questions

Will I have access to this material / videos after I finish the course?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage clients to revisit the modules whenever needed.

Will this course help me gain confidence to speak in front of an audience?

No doubt. In our philosophy we don’t think it’s right to try to change people. We work with people to unlock their true potential. This course will give you the tools and mindset to create this transformation from within.

I’m a team leader. Is this course going to help me?

Yes. This course provides an essential skill for any team leader regardless of the industry. As we all know, communication is the number 1 predictor of success in the business world.

Besides the video will I have access to pdfs or any other materials?

Yes. You’ll be able to download and print out a workbook of this course. We encourage you to fill out your workbook as you complete each module, to reinforce all the concepts.

Bulmer Group have over 30 years experience working with organisations and individuals to enhance presentation impact.
We are one of the few and possibly most experienced Presentation Skills Coaching specialists in business today.

Let our proven experience impact your personal value today.