The skills developed in this program will be immediately applicable to all face-to-face communication, including meetings, conversations, small or large, in person and on screen.
Participants will experience an immediate increase in their impact, by way of immediate increases in both skill and confidence. They will get a deeper understanding of their existing strengths, and receive direction in leveraging those strengths to greater effectiveness. They will also learn a more effective approach to utilising their available time when preparing for meetings and presentations.

The whole premise of our coaching is to create a mindset that all discussions/presentations should have an intended outcome, so in some way we are always putting forward an idea, suggestion, recommendation. It’s about influencing, and inspiring. Audiences expect this.

We are deeply committed to ensuring people are being themselves when presenting. They must be natural.

The Workshop Covers:
This is our signature workshop of over 20 years. Highly practical with multiple opportunities to present and be individually coached. Results delivered include:

  • Faster, more effective planning time
  • Being able to deliver clearer, simpler message
  • Greater ability to emphasise key points
  • Knowing how to have presence
  • Being confident answering questions
  • Knowing how to utilise analogies and stories
  • Increased ability to engage any size audience
  • More able to be natural, and to utilise your own personality
So, in terms of our approach to the development, there are 2 stages:

Stage 1: Video Training

Participants work through a 2.5 hour ‘pre-coaching’ PTW video program.
This is broken into 7 modules, which cover:

  • Planning An Argument
  • Delivering With Clarity, Emphasis and Naturalness
  • Creating Engagement
  • Having presence
  • Dealing with questions successfully
  • Why you can’t succeed without rehearsing
  • Presenting virtually

Stage 2: Coaching Sessions

The participants will attend 3 x 3 hour sessions for groups of 3 participants at a time, over a period of 7-10 days.

Each person attends the first session ready to deliver a 10 minute business presentation, and then receives highly individualised feedback, both in terms of strengths and improvement areas. These sessions can all be conducted virtually, or a combination of virtual and face to face.

An important benefit is that the video program is a permanent and ongoing resource for each individual, allowing them to revisit and continually improve through time.

DURATION: 2.5 hours, 7 x Presenting To Win Online Module Videos
3 x 3 hours, Live Online Workshops (For only 4 participants)
COST: $1,500 (inc GST) AUD
Click here to watch the 7 minute ‘Program Introduction’ to better understand what the program covers, the practical interaction it offers, and its contemporary production quality.