Tony Bulmer
Tony Bulmer, founder of The Bulmer Group, has been a Presentation Coach for more than 20 years. He has seen over10,000 presentations across a spectrum of industries, different size companies (from boutique to multinational) and roles (graduate to CEO).

The fundamentals of Tony’s Presentation coaching is exploring what’s truly inate to you. He then helps you bring this to the forefront, whilst tooling you up with a structured approach that can help deliver compelling presence and content.


Savio Meireles

Savio Meireles has been an educator, communicator and worked as a key player leading companies in the travel and education industries for a decade .Throughout this time, Savio has helped hundreds of clients improve their communication skills and confidence.

Helena Fink

Helena Fink is a highly qualified pronunciation coach with 12+ years’ experience promoting the growth and development of clients in South America and Australia.

Helena’s expertise is unique in a sense that she grew up as a bilingual (Portuguese and German) and early on acquired fluency in English which gives her greater perspective into the world of languages and communication.