Bulmer Group has produced a compelling and powerful 2.5 hour video program that has multiple uses. It comprises of 7 easy to follow modules, with multiple exercises, that are immediately applied to the viewer’s own personal presentation topic they build throughout, hence creating immediate impact in their world.

The video covers:

  1. Planning an argument
  2. Delivering with clarity, emphasis and naturalness
  3. Ensuring you engage
  4. Having presence
  5. Successfully dealing with questions
  6. Why you can’t succeed without rehearsing
  7. Presenting Virtually

It can be utilised by any level of presenter as a standalone tool to learn core techniques at their own pace and time. It is utilised as a powerful pre-work before then participating in one of our in-housework shops or receiving 1-on-1 coaching, virtually, or face to face.
Once purchased, it is a tremendous reference and reinforcement tool and given its simple module format, it easy to reference back to specific areas a person wants to further finesse going forward.

This highly affordable video is an opportunity to embed common language and techniques across a levels in an even if only some levels will be offered further in-house coaching and feedback. When everyone in an organisation ‘speaks the same language’ is when huge behavioural change occurs, and it sticks.