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Having the CONFIDENCE and the SKILLS to engage, inspire and ultimately influence have never been more needed.

Being Heard In a Second Language

Learning english as a second language is to be admired, but does not guarantee our success in business. The old adage, “it’s not what we say, it’s how we say it” has never been more true.


We are honoured to have you here.
Having the CONFIDENCE and the SKILLS to engage, inspire and ultimately influence have never been more needed.

Some people have the skills, but not the confidence. Some have the confidence, but their skills are not quite on the mark. We help people with both.

We’ve specialised in Presentation Skills Impact for over 30 years, successfully coaching people across many different countries, different industries, different functions, and at all levels of executive.

We know how to create success for your people. It’s our passion.

Our passion is to UNLOCK people, not CHANGE them. We know this is the only strategy that delivers SUSTAINABLE and AUTHENTIC outcomes. It’s the differences in all of us that engage others.

We UNLOCK a person’s ability to have presence, to engage with their natural personality, to be audience centric, to be confident answering questions, to be relevant, and to be succinct.

Regardless of brand strength, product innovation, pricing power or market scale, the power of people to engage, inspire and influence is an individual’s and an organisation’s true competitive advantage.

A person’s value, commercially and emotionally is significantly enhanced if they can communicate with true impact.

Without this edge, careers falter, business is lost to competitors, new ideas and concepts don’t get implemented, leaders fail to lead, morale is weak. A business cannot succeed with poor communicators.

Our approach equips people for every conversation, discussion, and meeting they have. Everything is a presentation, and the skills that work in one situation are largely the same for all other situations.

About Us

We are one of the few and possibly most experienced Presentation Skills Coaching specialists in business today. With over 30 years experience, working with organisations and individuals to enhance presentation impact.